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Regrets (poem)

Regrets can swallow you whole if you let them. What could've been, What should've been, If only I'd- Perhaps if I'd only- Regrets can swallow you whole if you let them. So I let them. Wave after wave until I'm... Continue Reading →

The Aftermath (Journal)

Its been two weeks since we broke up but it feels like the first day. It feels like Day 1 in breakup recovery for me. Everything is tear inducing which is wild for me because I'm usually not a big... Continue Reading →

5 Stars (Microfiction)

Lyft driver picked me up on Wisconsin Avenue and made some small talk before falling silent. While I broke down in the backseat crying, she looked in the mirror with a knowing smile, and handed me a tissue. We continued... Continue Reading →

Journal: Mixed Signals

I messed up. It's hard to say. Much harder I suppose to realize but that's what happened. Over the last six months I've basically just fallen off. I cut off my friends, left most of my social media (including this... Continue Reading →

Satellites (microfiction)

She sat on the one of giant boulders that dotted the hillside. This used to be their favorite spot. Together they'd watch the stars twinkle above them. He called them satellites. She called them wishing stars. Tonight, she'd call them... Continue Reading →

Failure to Launch (poem)

Like the kite that never leaves the ground, The verse left incomplete, Like a song without a hook, I've failed to take flight. My wings, too weak, Have left me alone on the ground. Rapid wing beats, take me a... Continue Reading →

Everything and a Kitchen Sink (microfiction)

She stood in the kitchen, raw anger plastered across a usually serene face. Nothing in this house was hers; not the dishes, the spacious kitchen, the walls that enclosed said kitchen, the house itself wasn't even hers. After all this... Continue Reading →

Illusion (micropoetry)

Raindrops falling from a clear sky Like Sad tears from a bright smile.

Morning Rituals (microfiction)

She awoke to the sounds of someone whispering in her ear. Singing, they were singing. The soft, happy, song slowly pulling her from her dream world. Her lashes slowly pulling apart she was greeted by the warm smile of her... Continue Reading →

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