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the warm summer's sun has begun to cool. soon foliage will turn from richest forest green, to bright shades of burnt orange, honeyed shades of amber. i mourn the soon coming cold, but take solace in the thought of fireplaces... Continue Reading →

Autumn Leaves (poem)

I cried when I met you. I cried cause I knew, I met you at the wrong time. Neither of us were ready for what ensued. I knew you and I wanted you- But I couldn't keep you. Your type... Continue Reading →

I Who Lay Dying (poem)

Shh... your mind is clogged with thoughts that don't matter. Clear them. Embrace this moment as it is. Seated beside me on this bench, at our favorite park, Feel the chill of the stone bench beneath you, Trace the lines... Continue Reading →

Fall of the Fairies

In honor of the first day of Fall, sequel to Dance of the Fairies (A Poem) He's coming. The once warm glen had begun to chill. The days had slowly grown shorter. The once glorious Queen, looked glum. Her time was... Continue Reading →

Dance of the Fairies (A Poem)

The glen was silent. The ears of the deer twitched. As did the whiskers of the rabbits. The animals, at alert. The dance would soon begin. The Queen had come. Summer, clothed in richest green, slowly made her way through... Continue Reading →

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