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The Beholder (micropoem)

"Nearly everything we are taught is false except how to read” ~ Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason If seeing is beholding, what do you see? If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what do you see? If... Continue Reading →

Rendezvous (microfiction)

She had no business being here. Meeting him risky, beyond risky. But here she stood, alone at the bottom of the escalator questioning whether it was too late; knowing in her heart it already was. Welcome to week 106 of... Continue Reading →

Chapter 10: Blue Ocean Floor

Chapter 10 of Sleeper Cell Angela and Justin pulled into the parking garage of Dr. Loveitt's building. Heart racing a mile a minute she sat silently beside Justin, waiting for him to tell her what the next move was. Growing... Continue Reading →

Naked (poem)

Strip Expose Reveal You try to cover yourself. Afraid of what realities may come to light, In the light. The truth, so abhorrent, You enshroud in darkness. But it is there... Somewhere lurking between who you are And what you... Continue Reading →

Lessons (A Journal)

Hello, my name is Marie and I have a love-hate relationship with love. If you've followed my blog for long then you know its often the subject of my musings. I love relationships. I love seeing people in love, somehow,... Continue Reading →

Pursuit of Happiness (poem)

"I'm on the pursuit of happiness and I know, Everything that's shines ain't always gonna be gold (hey) I'll be fine once I get it, get in it, I'll be good". But he wasn't fine And fans can't see you... Continue Reading →

The Uttermost (poem)

To love sacrificially is a struggle for most. To die to your innermost longings... Reveal your deepest thoughts... Greatest fears. All for the hopes of being understood truly By the one whom your soul loves, Craves. To know and be... Continue Reading →

Secrets of a Daughter of Eve (poem)

She wears her peace like a cloak, Shrouded within, she goes throughout her day. Dutiful daughter, loving acquaintance. Her truest friend, the miseries she hides. As night nears the facade crumbs. Would you love her if you knew? If you... Continue Reading →

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