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short stories

“Amongst Enemies” (microfiction)

The men eagerly poured into the hall. As they settled into their seats, the servants came bringing drinks and plates filled with food. The air soon filled with the smell of delicacies and the laughter of men. As the revelry... Continue Reading →

“Broken Vows” (micropoem)

    I’m hoping to be astonished tomorrow by I don’t know what“ — Tomorrow, In Search of Small Gods, Jim Harrison She had hoped things would be different this time. Se had hoped he would keep his word. But... Continue Reading →

Perfect. (Short Story)

Elizabeth groggily turned off her alarm and rolled out of bed to get dressed for work. Her conversation the day before with Lauren had lifted her spirits more than she thought it would. She'd missed her friend, more than she... Continue Reading →

Table Talk (short story)

Elizabeth and Lauren exchanged small talk for a while. Each testing the waters to see if it was safe to venture deeper. She could sense the hesitancy in Lauren to pry. The last time they'd talked Lauren had made an... Continue Reading →

Mirror, Mirror. (Short Story)

Elizabeth sat on her bed and watched the seventh video in a row. Killing time. She seemed to be doing a lot of that these days. She just didn't have any passion for...anything. Its not that she didn't like life.... Continue Reading →

Pen Talk (Microfiction)

He walked up behind and saw her writing again in that old banged up notebook. "What? Writing another piece to make the young girls cry?" His friend's laughed and high-fives were shared around the circle. She closed her notebook. Her... Continue Reading →

Morning Rituals (microfiction)

She awoke to the sounds of someone whispering in her ear. Singing, they were singing. The soft, happy, song slowly pulling her from her dream world. Her lashes slowly pulling apart she was greeted by the warm smile of her... Continue Reading →

Missed Opportunities (short story)

He watched from the stained glass windows as she made her way to the altar. Dressed in white, the train of her dress sweeping the floor. He knew instinctively her mother had chosen the dress. No way she would've chosen... Continue Reading →

To Love Again (short story)

I love Jane Austen and though Pride and Prejuidice is my favorite story, I relate the most with Anne Elliot and Persuasion. This is my modern take on the ending of it. 😌 She ran. After reading his letter she... Continue Reading →

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