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Dancing in the Moonlight (short story)

It was just supposed to be a regular date night, dinner and maybe a movie if it wasn't too late. How they ended up under a bridge with the car radio blaring and her twirling to King Harvest, he'd never... Continue Reading →

Fixer Upper (poem)

There once was a house on the end of a lane. Tall and erect, it wasn't stately but it was a home. Over the years it fell into repair. It's shutters crooked, The paint, cracked and peeling. A shell of... Continue Reading →

Portrait of You (Short Story)

If I could draw a portrait of you I'd start with how we met. How I was searching for a first edition Jane Austen novel and you the latest Batman comic strip. I'd draw the frown on your face when... Continue Reading →

Checkmate (Short Story)

It was her local feeding ground. Whenever she felt she was at her peak, she made her way there. Shimmering in red dress, she made her way through the room. She spotted him almost immediately. Seated alone, the dark amber... Continue Reading →

Who’s Next? (A Short)

He walked the street unnoticed. People often ignore what they think should be. A man of average height with his collar turned up probably wouldn't garner a second look but a man in a baggy diaper with a bow and... Continue Reading →

The Blackout (Short Story)

She slung her bag over her shoulders and climbed up the stairs to his apartment. With the power outage knocking out the whole grid she figured they could be powerless together. She brought a book, her fully charged tablet, and... Continue Reading →

The Hotel California( A Short Story)

Photo Cred Welcome to Week Thirty-Six of Three Line Tales! A wonderful challenge to create a piece about the given photo. Want to join? Click the link. Along with this week's photo I was inspired by the song "Hotel California".  If you... Continue Reading →

The Secret of The Tree ( A Short Story)

They came everyday to The Tree. She watched as tens of people shuttled under The Tree's large, thick branches. She watched them pull pieces of paper from jackets, purses, jean pockets, and scribble notes. Then watched as they tied their... Continue Reading →

A Special Type of Bravery (A Short Story)

"Could it be, that bravery and daring are synonymous."- Marie S. She dressed in all white. The suit separates made her feel slightly more mature but the cut made up for that. She always felt more confident in white and... Continue Reading →

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