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Pluck the strings of my heart. Strum on my skin like a guitar. Play me like the skillful musician you are.    

Wastelands (poem)

Barren lands echo back to times of plenty. The time of fruitful pastures and gentle slopes, pastoral scenes, long since past. Cracked, dry, dirt and sullen cries; Symbolic vestiges of my life since you left. Welcome to week 127 of... Continue Reading →

Autumn Leaves (poem)

I cried when I met you. I cried cause I knew, I met you at the wrong time. Neither of us were ready for what ensued. I knew you and I wanted you- But I couldn't keep you. Your type... Continue Reading →

Illusion (micropoetry)

Raindrops falling from a clear sky Like Sad tears from a bright smile.

Hungry (poem)

He said I looked hungry. Like the food he gives me isn't nourishment. Like the water doesn't hit the spot. Like drinking hot water in the middle of heat wave, I look parched. He said I looked hungry. Like you... Continue Reading →

Over Many Waters (a poem)

He saw the darkness from afar, The force of purpose on His lips His own voice, Willing the Light to appear, Scattering the darkness Like marbles on a tiled floor.  With His own hand He formed the world.  Unfathomable, uncurtailed,... Continue Reading →

Feeble Attempts ( A Poem)

She was tired of searching. Determined to create that for which she hoped, She contrived a plan. For love she risked all. But as force-ripen fruit pales to the authentic, Each love proved a farce. Artificial

If I Could Add One Thing… (A Poem)

I'm currently getting back in the writing game and was inspired to write this as I was listening to someone's poem. Feedback would be great! 🙂 If I Could Add One Thing.... Listening to a poem, I thought of you.... Continue Reading →

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