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Strut (Prose)

She walked from her daily bus to her home. Her walk, as usual uneventful. But as she walked she watched her shadow. The shadow bounced. It's footsteps were rhythmic and lively. Who was this woman? The woman with the confident... Continue Reading →

At Some Point (prose)

At some point, your parents stop picking you up.  At some point, they stop kissing boo-boos.  At some point, they stop tucking you in at night.  At some point, they start expecting things from you.  At some point, they expect... Continue Reading →

Fall of the Fairies

In honor of the first day of Fall, sequel to Dance of the Fairies (A Poem) He's coming. The once warm glen had begun to chill. The days had slowly grown shorter. The once glorious Queen, looked glum. Her time was... Continue Reading →

Wishing Away the Days (A Poem)

She spend her days wishing them away. Silent prayers for the things she wants. Harsh critiques of the life she's been given. Bitter wistfulness. Wishing away the fragile gift of free time. Eagerly seeking busywork. One day she'll beg for... Continue Reading →

6th Street Lamppost (A Poem)

They'd met under that lamppost. You know, the lamppost on 6th Street? A rainy evening, an empty patch of sidewalk, an two forgotten umbrellas. Incredibly cliche but he was glad he'd had one.They shared a cab. They chuckled about their... Continue Reading →

Illusions of Grandeur

I dreamed of a life better than my dreams. One where my life had purpose. My dreams had meaning, ripe with the definitive. Illusions of grandeur Childhood is filled with them.   Dreams of what adulthood would look like. If... Continue Reading →

Floods. (A Poem)

The tide's rising. I see it coming but am powerless against it. Those long repressed emotions are finally swelling, Surging past the mental breakers I'd established. Standing on the edge of sanity, Head back, Arms stretched high, I'm ready. Let... Continue Reading →

What Remains (A poem)

I used to flirt with the idea of your absence. Figuring that I'd miss our conversations or your company. I knew I would survive. It's what I've always done best. What I couldn't have known- A variable I never took... Continue Reading →

Time with You (A Poem)

I’m taking part in Word-High’s 30 Beautiful Filipino Words. This a blended piece combining both the Daily Prompt with Word High July. Today’s word is Dalisay which means pure or undiluted. Want to join? Checkout the link at the bottom.... Continue Reading →

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