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Raindrops (poem)

Pit. Pat. Pit Pat. Raindrops hit the old screen on the window. Pit. Pat. Pit-pit-pat. Sounds should soothe... Pit. Pat. Pit-pit-pit-pat. Echoes sounding off in my mind Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat. The rain signals his return. Pit. Pat. Pit-pit-pit. Pat.... Continue Reading →

Crashing Waves (microfiction)

She stood on black sands and watched as the waves hurled themselves against the shore. She'd dreamed of standing here for so long; dreamed of the bright shining sun heating her skin. She hadn't dreamed that she'd be standing alone:... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Story Morning Glory? (microfiction)

She took at seat at her favorite bench stationed by the window. She watched the clouds slowly roll in signaling rain and a chance for brief relief from the torturous summer heat. The trees swayed softly in the breeze as... Continue Reading →

Sandcastles (prose)

Houses made of sand never stand. The same as dark clouds foretelling rain. Ignored both. I built my home of sand despite the wind In spite of rain. I watched the clouds depart believing my life's work safe, The crumbling ruin... Continue Reading →

Vivid. (poem)

The lighting flashing outside, the pelting rains careening into the window, the descent of day into night, the howl of the wind through the cracks in the windowsill.

What Stories Are Made Of (microfiction)

Thunder cracks from a bitter sky, followed by harsh blows of light. She stared at the unforgiving sky, enthralled. Surely, every good story starts with a storm. My first 3 Line Tale! I've been reading the threads from time to... Continue Reading →

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