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Chapter 2: See You Again

Chapter 2 of Another's Treasure He told her everything. He didn't even stop to think about just how much he'd poured out for her consumption but consume it she did. She focused in on every word as if he were... Continue Reading →

Another’s Treasure (a Novella)

Chapter 1 The winter lodge was everything it had promised to be. The cheery fire never ran out, the soft furnishings emphasizing the warm feelings of the room, the colors all warm whites punctuated what should have been a very... Continue Reading →

I Who Lay Dying (poem)

Shh... your mind is clogged with thoughts that don't matter. Clear them. Embrace this moment as it is. Seated beside me on this bench, at our favorite park, Feel the chill of the stone bench beneath you, Trace the lines... Continue Reading →

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