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Bitter Partings (a story)

She threw clothes into suitcases. Shirts, skirts, tops, blouses, everything. She knew she should've taken her time and folded her clothes more neatly but she didn't have time. It had finally come, the acceptance letter she'd been waiting for. She... Continue Reading →

She wanted to tell him the things he wanted to here. She knew he wanted to hear that this trip hadn't been a waste, that she was more in love with him than ever before, that he was still the... Continue Reading →

Piano Sonata No.14 (A Poem)

I've always been awed by this sonata. Piano Sonata No. 14. Its notes creating A path I longed to walk. I know it and those precious cords so well... Never dreamed I'd see anything more beautiful. Never dared to think... Continue Reading →

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