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Tidbits (poem)

What do I do, With the information about a person, I no longer know? Now useless bits of information, Concerning a person, Concerning a world, I am no longer privy to. No longer included in. Unless facts, a drift in... Continue Reading →

Crush (prose)

She let herself enjoy the feeling. The feeling of the unknown. The maybe, the possibly, the could be. The thought of the new, so different, so- New. She enjoyed it. The getting to know him, the spending of time together.... Continue Reading →

Pen to Paper (Microfiction)

She sat at her father's desk and stared at the keyboard. It had been so long. So long since she put her thoughts out, into the world. So long since she's shared her pain and her fears. So she wrote.... Continue Reading →

Fixer Upper (poem)

There once was a house on the end of a lane. Tall and erect, it wasn't stately but it was a home. Over the years it fell into repair. It's shutters crooked, The paint, cracked and peeling. A shell of... Continue Reading →

Snapshot (microfiction)

Jane gazed at the painting while the curator monotonously droned on about modern art. "Gazato wanted to capture the blurring of humanity in the rush of everyday life. The loss of self..." The blurring of humanity...the rest of the tour... Continue Reading →

Nothing But Words (poem)

In various languages, In different tongues, We all say the same things. I question the purpose. Since there is nothing new under the sun, Why do we share our thoughts? Why do we write? Perhaps it is the idea, That... Continue Reading →

Album Flow. (poem)

I love when an album makes sense. Each song flowing into the next, Their lyrics telling a story. Each one picking up where the last one left off, Continuing the thought, Yet, moving the story along Until the last song,... Continue Reading →

Pen Talk (Microfiction)

He walked up behind and saw her writing again in that old banged up notebook. "What? Writing another piece to make the young girls cry?" His friend's laughed and high-fives were shared around the circle. She closed her notebook. Her... Continue Reading →

Unmasked (prose)

Transparency is gift. The ability to be one's true self, accept that, and share it with the world. But herein lies its liability. To be transparent is to shed pretence. To be unmasked is to become visible. Not that you... Continue Reading →

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