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Chapter 4: Breakfast for Two?

Chapter 4 of Another's Treasure Claire de Winter sat in a chair that turned out to be more comfortable than it looked and lost herself in the nature beauty on the other side of the window. She felt so at... Continue Reading →

Chapter 3: In the Mean Time…

Another's Treasure: Chapter 3 An hour later after seeing her walk into the lodge he entered his house. The place was a mess with canvases and easels littering the hardwood floors but thankfully it was warmer than outside.  Telling himself... Continue Reading →

Chapter 8: A Reader’s Remorse

Chapter 8 of Sleeper Cell Agent Brown sat transfixed on the couch unable to move. The man had long since disappeared from her living but she remained seated. Clutching the silly manila envelope, she hadn't dared to open. His mission... Continue Reading →

scribbles (poem)

Meaningless lines of endless rhyme, Blank pages like empty minds, Pictures devoid of meaning or symbolism. To a mind closed to the tangibility of realism, My words are nothing, a mere dream. To me, they elevate my consciousness far above... Continue Reading →


She'd listened patiently as he detailed his plans for the future. Plans that talked of building but building that would have to put off for the time being. He said they had to be practical. While marriage was the goal... Continue Reading →

Private Thoughts…(prose)

Looking into my eyes you ask, "What are you thinking?" My brain freezes, Its too much to share, Its too much to let out, Too much truth in one breath. How do I convey just how much I feel when... Continue Reading →

Recluse (prose)

I enjoy the solemnity of solitude. Immersed in my own world, I can hide away. Unburdened with the thoughts and feelings of others, I can heal, regenerate, introspect. Seclusion has been my home for so long, The idea of once... Continue Reading →

Hungry (poem)

He said I looked hungry. Like the food he gives me isn't nourishment. Like the water doesn't hit the spot. Like drinking hot water in the middle of heat wave, I look parched. He said I looked hungry. Like you... Continue Reading →

Chapter 2: From Dr. Loveitt, With Love…

Chapter 2 of  Sleeper Cell The rain fell down like sheets, blanketing the ground, drowning the storm drains. He ignored it. His only focus was getting home and protecting the files he'd smuggled out of the office in an interior... Continue Reading →

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