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young love

Crush (prose)

She let herself enjoy the feeling. The feeling of the unknown. The maybe, the possibly, the could be. The thought of the new, so different, so- New. She enjoyed it. The getting to know him, the spending of time together.... Continue Reading →

Somewhere Only We Know (A Poem)

One of my favorite songs is "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane. Beautiful song that always makes me a little wistful. 🙂  Its the inspiration for this poem. Take my hand, Let's walk down a gravelly path, Lose ourselves in... Continue Reading →

Dreaming of You (An Ode to Young Love)

They were on their way home from running errands on a Monday evening. She sat beside her father, listening to the radio. Talking about their day and the man they'd just met at Wendy's when it came on. Dreaming of... Continue Reading →

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