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I hate that your last images of me Were of me at my worst. I hope you remember me at my best. The way I was, Before the disappointment.

Regrets (poem)

Regrets can swallow you whole if you let them. What could've been, What should've been, If only I'd- Perhaps if I'd only- Regrets can swallow you whole if you let them. So I let them. Wave after wave until I'm... Continue Reading →

Satellites (microfiction)

She sat on the one of giant boulders that dotted the hillside. This used to be their favorite spot. Together they'd watch the stars twinkle above them. He called them satellites. She called them wishing stars. Tonight, she'd call them... Continue Reading →

Morning Rituals (microfiction)

She awoke to the sounds of someone whispering in her ear. Singing, they were singing. The soft, happy, song slowly pulling her from her dream world. Her lashes slowly pulling apart she was greeted by the warm smile of her... Continue Reading →

Love Drought (poem)

You and me could move mountains. Shift the borders of cities, of countries. Conquer vast lands and redefine the Earth as we know it. But you'd rather chase rabbits. Focus on the minuscule, Forever missing the big picture for momentary... Continue Reading →

a little longer (microfiction)

She wished he'd learn to bask in the beauty of the moment. To enjoy its simplicity and its rarity, this moment would never come again. No matter how often they came to this spot. Instead, she watched him walkaway and... Continue Reading →

Futile (poem)

I'd walk 'til my feet bleed. Peel back my skin, Exposing malnourished sinews. I'd pluck out my eyes. Drown myself in sound. Surround myself with people I despise. Visit every continent, Learn every language. Only to be haunted in my... Continue Reading →

Mothers & Daughters (poem)

My mother is rich. Rich in love, wisdom, generous. With strong hands she bore a weight that shouldn't be born alone. Shouldered the burden of rearing a child on her own. I love my mother, We look like twins. Spitting... Continue Reading →

For the First Time (a poem)

We argued all night.  For the life of me, I have no clue why.  You started it, I took the bait.  Now we're sitting at opposite ends of the same couch, Two sets of eyes, set in different directions.  I... Continue Reading →

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