She entered the bedroom after hearing the soft gurgling sounds of her daughter Angela. At six months she’d already received several nicknames. Her mother’s personal fav was the tried and true, Angie. Holding a basket of clean laundry she lean against the door frame enjoying the scene unfolding before her.

Her husband, bent over, rubbing noses with their little girl. She stood there for a full five minutes before her husband looked up. Those eyes just lit with warmth, fatherly tenderness, and affection, now hinted an invitation. She chuckled. dropping her basket at the door she joined her favorite people on the bed. When he pulled her in, she welcomed it. A stirring dance of the lips, briefly interrupted by a cheerful giggle from their daughter. Returning to his lips she sighed-

Back to reality. Seated at her desk she glanced to the right to check the time. 9:30 p.m. Another late night. Sighing, she turned her attention back to her long forgotten brief. Some dreams were just that. Dreams.