She could hear the footsteps of the men behind her closing in. Stumbling, she enters the caverns. Breath, escaping her throat in puffs, she lumbers toward the only light in the room. As she nears, she sees the box. The men have entered the cavern. She can vaguely hear their shouts from behind. She lunges toward the box. Her finger tips briefly touch it’s lid. The box opens. It’s contents dividing, some filling the cavern behind her and the rest escaping through the hole in the cave. The screams intensify and then vanish abruptly.

Picking herself up she closes the lid and reads it’s cover. Horrified she spins around a muffled groan escaping her mouth. The cave is empty. Running, she races through the cave. The words engraved on the box searing into her brain and heart.

“A cure for what ails a beautiful planet, humanity.”