trying to make my way home-

i’m confused

somehow- someway,

i made a wrong turn.


i slump to the grown.

tipid water hits my face, seeps into the cuffs of my jeans.

i’m lost.

cellphone dying, my mind races.

who to call?

speed dail.

i press a button.

any button will do right?

his voice comes through-

my heart drops.

of all the people,


i confess i’m lost.

he asks for my location.

i send it.

i can sink no lower than i already am.

the cracked cement refuses to give way to my weight.

i sit.

buoyed by its solidity. resolute against my angst.

he’s coming.

he’ll take me home, i’ll cry about it-

pretend it never happened.

we’ll go our separate ways, again.