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Journal: Mixed Signals

I messed up. It's hard to say. Much harder I suppose to realize but that's what happened. Over the last six months I've basically just fallen off. I cut off my friends, left most of my social media (including this... Continue Reading →

Failure to Launch (poem)

Like the kite that never leaves the ground, The verse left incomplete, Like a song without a hook, I've failed to take flight. My wings, too weak, Have left me alone on the ground. Rapid wing beats, take me a... Continue Reading →

Mirror, Mirror. (Short Story)

Elizabeth sat on her bed and watched the seventh video in a row. Killing time. She seemed to be doing a lot of that these days. She just didn't have any passion for...anything. Its not that she didn't like life.... Continue Reading →

Home Among the Shadows (poem)

I live amongst the shadows, Fallen dreams symbolized by fallen worlds, Plains of desolation and solitude, At home amongst the shadows, A world, devoid of the reprieve of light. Planet Inhabit PhotoCred

Forgotten (simile)

Like dirty sock on the floor, Like a used tube of toothpaste, Like old clothing that doesn't anymore, Like childhood dream jobs, Like watching your friends succeed while you watch from the sideline, I sit on the bench and watch... Continue Reading →

Take Your Time (prose)

She wants to be loved. Who can blame her? The pleasure it brings and the serenity of pleasant company. So quick to love, Be loved. She picks fools thinking them princes. Bemoaning choice after choice, She places the blame constantly... Continue Reading →

Sitting on My Hands (Journal)

Hello, my name is Marie and I'm a chronic procrastinator. I've always struggled with this. Sometimes I can go for lengthy periods of time being extremely productive but then I lapse into this pit of procrastination. Its actually kind of... Continue Reading →

The Way Back Home (A Story)

She slowly put the rest of her clothes into the antique Chester drawer. Pausing over the last winter blue sweater. When she left, four months ago she was wearing this same sweater. Guilt still plagued her over her departure. The... Continue Reading →

Rough Day (Don’t Mind Me) A Poem

I wrote this poem back in January of 2012 and decided to edit it some. I love to write in the "slice of life" format and this poem is an example of that. The goal was to be as blunt... Continue Reading →

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